Origin of Glance Care

Why did he prescribe that? It was 2014 and on a night shift at the emergency department. I was rounding on my patients, and I noticed an inappropriate combination of antihypertensive medication and IV analgesics for one of the patients; that was my colleague’s. At that moment, I wondered, what evidence backed his decision?. So, I went straight to him and ask. It turned out; he vaguely remembers reading it somewhere. I tried to review some articles with him, but that took more than an hour to process. We both felt the time pressure, especially at point-of-care, which also led us to a lengthy argument about evidence-based practice. Although we both agreed on how critical it is, we also know much time and effort it takes, particularly during a loaded and busy workflow. That exercise planted an ever-growing seed of curiosity toward evidence-based medicine (EDM), which becomes the center of many other conversations in the future.

Isn’t that the job of machines? A year later, I was in a study room preparing for an upcoming exam. I was doing my absolute best to excel in what I love the most, and I was not alone. For a moment, I turned my head up and around, glancing their tens and tight faces, and asking myself, Why are we memorizing the same things?. Isn’t that the job of machines?. My mind kept asking, and my instincts led me to spend hours researching the web, looking for answers. Until I realized the multiple barriers to digitize the medical knowledge and the clinical decision process. On that day, the seed of challenge was planted.

The dark one! In the mid of 2016, I received a call from my friend; My mom is dead. She was sobbing and devastated. Her mom had a long history of uncontrolled asthma. I tried to know more; it was an anaphylactic shock due to a medication error!; an avoidable mistake, if the managing doctor had enough information. As sadness was filling my heart, I kept asking myself, What if he had access to that information or what if there was someone to guide him and stop this death. For days, the WHYs and HOWs kept haunting me until it ignited Glance Care.

Since then, Glance Care is our answer to the limitation in knowledge accessibility at the point of care. It is our way to encourage doctors to spend more time with patients. Our mission is to support our doctor when chaos storms the emergency department or when the waiting room is full of frustrated patients. Our vision is toward clinical accuracy and clinical productivity.

Glance Care is for whom they realized that the conventional ways will not cut it when the patient is setting in front of them.

Birth name: Glance Care, inc

Birth year: 2017

Birth City: Chicago, IL