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  • Ahmed al Qodaibi

    Dr. Ahmed Al Qodaibi

    MD, Family Doctor
    "Glance care, this app is a savior in the clinic that gives you the steps of treatment with doses and side effects, and if the patient is using medicines, it informs you if there is an overlap between them!"
  • Dr. Bader Owes

    Dr. Bader Owes

    MD, ER Specialist
    "Want to have all the info you need to run your shift and go home safely? Try Glance"
  • Dr. Sohaib Mandoorah

    Dr. Sohaib Mandoorah

    MD, ER Specialist
    "This app has great and easy shortcut access to most of the common diseases. As an ER physician, I need to get to the information as fast as I can"
  • Dr. Abdullah Al Taweeli

    Dr. Abdullah Al Taweeli

    MD, Gastroenterologist Fellow
    "It aligns with my clinical judgement. I will trust if I am a GP. The treatment recommendations are clear. It is better than restudying the clinical guidelines. It's the future of the practice."
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Concise Clinical Guidelines

Concise Clinical Guidelines

Glance empowers medical professionals to constantly create positive impacts on patient outcomes and experience by using state of the art tools to provide concise clinical goals and recommendations based on established high quality publications.
Evidence based
Always updated
Clinical goal oriented

Dynamic Treatment Plans

Glance’s smart systems provide dynamic and accurate clinical treatment plans based on relevant patient health information and history.
Pharmacological and procedural
Alternative management options
Actionable and ready to prescribe
Multi-level approach
Dynamic Treatment Plans
Expert Medication Dosing

Expert Medication Dosing

Glance helps prevent miscalculation of doses by providing recommendations based on the patient physiology in addition to providing clinical scenarios for all types of medications
Weight based dosing
Renal dosing
Hepatic dosing
Equation based dosing

Prevent Medication Errors

Implementing Glance into the patient care workflow can prevent both errors of commission and errors of omission as well as dynamically details other pertinent information
Adverse Effects
Drug-drug interactions
Prevent Medication Errors

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Drug-drug Interactions
Adverse Effect Checker
Contra Indications
Smart Content Engine
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