How To Use Glance Care Medication Recommendations?

1) Use a view that works for you

The list of medications can be viewed in two options - grouped and ungrouped. 

Click on the "Group Options" slider on the top right corner of the medication cards to change the view.
Glance Care Medication Views

2) Quickly check medication guidelines

Click on any medication card to view their relevant guidelines, instructions and references. You can select another item from the group by clicking on the "Drug Options" drop down menu.
Glance Care Medication Details

3) Check drug behaviour and interactions

Select the medications you would like to prescribe and verify details such as adverse effects, contraindications and drug-drug interactions for the selected drugs.
Glance Care Medication Checker

4) Manage medication prescriptions based on severity

Select and prescribe medication based on patient severity and condition over time by viewing different management steps.
Glance Care Medication Plans