How To Use Glance Care Treatment Recommendations

1) Enter a keyword or phrase in the search box

You can use any keyword such as a diagnosis, a symptom and so on. Based on the keywords, a list of topics, diseases and treatment plans will be provided.

You can select the topic/disease to view all the information related to that disease or select a specific management plan to go straight to its treatment recommendations.
Glance Care Dashboard

2) Quickly access sub-topics from the table

Click on a heading in the table of contents to access the relevant section of the topic.
Glance Care Topics Table

3) Select a preferred management plan

Apart from the table of contents, a separate tab shows the various management plans depending on the disease selected. Quickly navigate to the desired management plan by selecting one of the management cards.
Glance Care Management Plans

4) Use references to view comprehensive information

If more comprehensive information is required, you could also use the references tab to view the publication from which the concise and actionable intel was compiled from.
Glance Care Clinical References