Automate & Improve

Claims Adjudication

GlanceClaim™ improves claims processing speed and prevents fraud & abuse
Automate & Improve Claims Adjudication

Automate release of

GlanceClaim™ pulls the necessary subscriber information, medical history, and received clinical information to intelligently determine pre-authorization eligibility, helping payers provide faster approvals. This saves administrative time and gets patients care when they need it.
Automate pre-authorizations

Claims Adjudication

GlanceClaim™ adjudication engine uses evidence-based guidelines to process 1600 claims per minute, greatly improving the claims adjudication process and reducing manual intervention and reviews.

This helps insurance companies cut administrative costs and improve customer experience of their subscribers.
Automate Claims Adjudication

Fraud & Abuse Analytics

Mitigate payouts for improper claims with GlanceClaim™'s intelligent provider reputation analytics. Every service, doctor and medical institution is assigned an integrity score enabling greater control over insurance payouts.
Reputation Score

Review Systems

GlanceClaim™ IDF-based systems execute evidence-based reviews on prescriptions to ensure appropriateness of indications and help avoid medication duplication. The program allows the dispensing of only generic medications or substitutes.
IDF based

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