Medical Claim Rejections

GlanceClaim™ helps you reduce insurance claim rejections and save lost revenue
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Reduce Coding
Discrepancy by 87%

Via GlanceClaim™ engine, your physicians’ can find and validate accurate ICD10AM codes through any related medical concept, e.g. symptoms, physical signs, tests names, medications, etc.
“It is easy to understand, organized, and very simple”
- Dr. Mayadah Goud, General Practitioner

Reduce Pre-

GlanceClaim™ supports your physicians to easily document the right and typical clinical findings to justify the diagnosis and the order services.
“It helped me to document the patient’s file easily and completely.”
- Dr. Wala Hammsah, Internal Medicine Senior Specialist

Reduce Revenue Loss
With The Right Choice of Services

GlanceClaim™ supports your physicians and medical staff to follow stepwise, insurance-friendly, and justifiable decisions to reduce rejections, e.g. lab tests, radiographs, medications, procedures, etc.
GlanceClaim™ has reduced pre-authorization rejections by more than 70%

Empower Your Administrative Decisions
With High-quality Claims Data

Via GlanceClaim™ analytics dashboard, we collect highly structured data so you can evaluate your medical team’s performance, plan your internal investments, and understand your patients.
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Compliant with Saudi CHI Guidelines & supports your digital transformation

We have built it on the latest technical and medical standards directed by the Saudi CHI so you can operate without worry.
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