Medical Claim Rejections

GlanceClaim™ helps healthcare providers reduce insurance claim rejections and save revenue


Fix claims errors
before submission

- Analyse your daily insurance claims for technical and medical errors
- Understand your revenue leakage
- Optimize your clinical workflow for higher ROI

Reduce Pre-

- Full visibility on the pre-authorization (prior approval) requirements
- Integratable within the medical staff workflow
“GlanceClaims has reduced pre-authorization rejections by more than 70%”

Reduce Revenue Loss
With The Right Choice of Services

- Follow insurance-friendly services to reduce rejections
“It is easy to understand, organized, and very simple”
- Dr. Mayadah Goud, General Practitioner

Reduce Coding
Discrepancy by 87%

- Maintain accurate selection of ICD-10-AM codes
- Smart search engine for workflow acceleration
- Up-to-date and CHI compliant codes
“It helped me to document the patient’s file easily and completely.”
- Dr. Wala Hammsah, Internal Medicine Senior Specialist

GlanceClaim™ is built for all teams

Medical Team
RCM Team

GlanceClaim™ Coder

Doctors and medical coders can find billable ICD-10-AM codes for the best reimbursement rates

GlanceClaim™ Document

Physicians can utilize auto-suggestions for easy and fast documentation

GlanceClaim™ Medications

It helps narrow down the medications list based on clinical indication and the Saudi insurance drug formulary, by Saudi CHI

GlanceClaim™ MedServices

Physicians can find and navigate insurance-friendly services that are compliant with the Saudi CHI policy
reduce revenue loss

GlanceClaim™ Checker

It enables the provider’s teams to analyze and evaluate claims in bulk, for:

  • Technical Errors
  • Medical Necessity
  • Compliance with Saudi CHI Policy
GlanceClaim™ Checker
Analytics Dashboard

Executive Dashboard

Via the analytics dashboard, executives can access financial, and clinical performance metrics and insights on weekly bases for better investment decisions.

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Compliant with Saudi CHI Guidelines & supports your digital transformation

We have built it on the latest technical and medical standards directed by the Saudi CHI so you can operate without worry
CHI Billing System
Saudi FDA
CHI Insurance Drug Formulatory
Glance Claims

To prevent claims rejections